Hi…, I’m Daniel Dorairaj,

I am a retired Military soldier, started my second employment in an elite Public Bonded Warehouse (Sea-Bond) was initially detailed to prepare labor payment bills for their day-to-day loading activities. Later on, I was entrusted with documentation in respect of IN & Ex-Bonds of Customs bonded goods and after a few years was uplifted to Senior Operation Analyst and very soon became Manager-Customs Bonds. I focused my interest in bond stock reporting to Customs department, cargo insurance coverage, handling of ODC/DG goods adhering to all safety precautions etc., These activities prompted my company management to upgrade my position to Manager-Container Freight Station (CFS) operations in Less than Container Load (LCL) division. Recently I was retired on superannuation. Currently I am a warehouse Consultant in a reputed warehouse in Chennai.

My Desire

With whatever Warehousing knowledge I have gained through the on-job work experience for the past 22 years in various renowned warehousing organizations, I have decided to share the same by inviting the attentions of you like Importers, Public Bonded Warehouse Operators and the promising students, to benefit by acquiring adequate knowledge about the Customs Bonded warehousing procedures (sea-bonds) in accordance with the new and amended provisions, 2016.


To reach millions of people who seek to learn in detail about the entire set-up and operations of CFS (Container Freight Station), ICD (Inland Container Depot), CB (Customs Broker), Customs Public Bonded Warehouse as envisaged in the relevant Government policies.


I aim to help the readers like the students, the logistics professionals, Traders and Goods owners to know more about the CFS, ICD, CB and Public Bonded Warehouse operations that are conducted in line with the Customs regulations.

A Call-to-action

Throughout my shipping tenure I have come across and solved innumerable problems of my clients and educated them clearly, spelling them the cause of the problem thus cautioning them to refrain from such lapses in their future shipments. To all those I want to share in my blog about the recurrence of such problems and the solutions adapted to prevent before it costs you more. In addition, I keep myself abreast on the latest notifications issued by Customs department and the prevailing market developments that will be shared to you as ready reference well before you intend to plan.